Frequently Asked Questions


What should participants wear to gymnastics classes?

  • Leotards or fitness attire only

  • No loose or baggy clothing
  • No socks or tights
  • No jewelry/watches (stud earrings are ok)
  • Hair must be pulled back away from the face. If longer than shoulder length it should be pulled up.
  • If leotards have skirts please ensure they are detachable. They do not go around the bar well.

What makes you different from other sports or gymnastics programs?

In a word: discipline.

Our system encourages a more structured program that provides the framework for each student to reach their full potential.

Coach Kevin has an extensive background gymnastics education.  From being a KAT (Kinder Accreditation Teacher) to sending gymnasts to compete internationally, he wants to spread his knowledge through his staff and provide the best gymnastics instruction Dubuque has to offer!

How large are average class sizes? What is the ratio of teachers to participants?

We do our best to keep our classes limited to 1 teacher for 6 students for our parent tot and preschool programs, or 2 teachers for up to 9 students.  We allow up to one make up per class.

Our students in the gymnastics program, we like to maintain a ratio of 1 teacher for 8 students.  Classes may have up to 3 coaches at the beginner level and 2 at the intermediate and advanced levels.  On the rare occasion a teacher may be absent, classes could be larger.

Our trampoline and tumbling program, we keep our ratio to 1 teacher for up to 9 students.  With our oversized floor, and array of mats, we can keep these classes moving and progressing quickly.  

On the rare occasion a coach is sick or absent, classes may be larger.  We will always do our best to avoid having classes too large.  

Are you available for birthday parties or events?

Absolutely! We love hosting parties and events. See more information on our Birthday Parties page.